Deluxe Starter Pack

Deluxe Starter Pack

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

The Deluxe pack is giving you the best start to the Knowledge it contains  the following:-

1/ A to Z CD rom the best software to use whilst doing the Knowledge.

( We will also send you extra signs No right, No entry and No left  etc etc

These NOT normally suplied with this software and the instructions on how to install them into it.

2/  Super Scalefold Out London Map

3/ Flash Cards ideal for making notes on sticky points.

4/ In addition to the London A to Z  the London Docklands West End, City and Docklands Superscale A to Z

5/ Blue book 1  (1 home copy and a road copy)

6/ A-Z London Premier Map Gloss Laminate

7/ A-Z London Premier Map Paper fold up version

8/ Hi Vis top

9/  Markers  (1 Red 1 Black)

10/ Big London A to Z

This entitles the buy to the Free Guidance and review sessions at Run 1, 5, 10, 20, and 40

ensuring the student starts the Knowledge on the right foot.

The student can also attend the free Wednesday evening blue book classes for the duration of book 1

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